Environmental Policy

At Sunbeam Jackie we understand that all commercial activity has an impact of some kind on the environment, however, we make every effort to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.


Having an in-depth understanding of our production process means that we are continuously reviewing our methods and processes. We are always looking for ways of becoming more environmentally sound and economically viable. We try to operate in a sustainable manner as much as possible and strive to  improve our environmental performance as an integral part of growing our company.


We’re committed to good environmental practice in design, material specification, manufacture and  distribution. We pride ourselves on our unique application of antique and vintage textiles and our use of sustainably sourced materials.


We take care to source the right materials and components from responsible companies within England. All suppliers must have demonstrable environmental standards and be fair and ethical employers. We are in constant contact with our suppliers and makers, both remotely and in person and therefore have a good understanding of their working ethics and practices.


We conform to all relevant EU and US environmental regulations and codes of practice, but aim for higher standards wherever achievable.


Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility

We work with many local craftspeople and manufacturers, part of the basis for working with them is that we know they share our beliefs and work ethics.


We support local business and immediate economy, we embrace the importance of mutual support and reciprocation which this engenders, and are certain that it is not only more cost effective but also helps to reduce mileage.


Our aim is to provide you with a product that gives you great pleasure and reassurance that it comes from a responsible supplier. Each parasol is individually and thoughtfully designed and made by hand by ourselves and our team of skilled craft who all abide by our code of conduct for workers.


We want to take responsibility for the impact of our brand now and in the future.