Are the parasols waterproof?
Yes all the fabrics we use in our parasols are treated with a non-toxic market-leading waterproof agent.

Can I have a parasol made for me in specific colours?
Yes. Please contact us with your accent colours and we can choose fabrics and trim to match your favourite colours to fit with a theme for a wedding or exterior design brief.

What kind of stand do I need and do you sell stands?
You will need a stand which accommodates a 47mm diameter pole and the weight of the stand will need to be a minimum of 25kgs. This is if you are using your parasol with a table. For a free standing parasol without a table the weight of the stand will need to be a minimum of 65kgs.

No, sorry, we don’t supply stands, there are plenty of suppliers out there. However we can point you in the direction of different suppliers. Please contact us for details.

Will my parasol fit through the hole on the middle of my patio table?
Please check the hole size on your table, all our poles are round and are 47mm diameter.

Do the parasols tilt?
Our parasols are based on a traditional parasol frame structure, they do not tilt.

What do I do if my parasol needs washing? 

It is best to try and clean small marks from your parasol with warm water and a damp cloth. If you need to wash the entire canopy then we recommend you wash it by hand in luke warm water. Do not spin dry just ring out and hang on the washing line to dry.

Do your parasols come with a weatherproof cover?
All our parasols come with a waterproof natural canvas cover as standard, so when the parasol is down, or being stored, this is all the protection it needs.

How is it best to store my parasol?
When you are not using your parasol it is always best to keep it down but in an upright position with its Sunbeam Jackie cover on. Do not put away damp. Make sure that the canopie is dry and then pack away.

Do you make anything other than parasols?
Yes, please see our commissions page for canopies, awnings and tents that we have made on a commission basis. We are happy to discuss, develop and make any design you may have in mind.

Please get in touch for more details.