Sunbeam Jackie was founded by artist couple Charlie and Katy Napier who operate from their studio, a 12th century grain store in Cornwall. The couples’ combined artistic backgrounds made for a natural progression into specialist product design with a focus on the sculptural and aesthetic strength which you find in their parasols and canopies. 


Sunbeam Jackie consistently aim for first-class workmanship and design integrity. The very first limited edition run of parasols made in 2011 were spotted simultaneously by Mark Homewood the buyer for Designers Guild, and by Josie da Bank the creative director of Bestival Ltd.


Having grown from making one-off parasols on a bespoke basis into the business and brand which you see here today, Sunbeam Jackie have been quietly making a name for themselves as the most exclusive luxury parasol and canopy makers around.



At Sunbeam Jackie we work closely with our dedicated team of talented makers to ensure that the highest standards are always maintained.

All the materials used in our products are sourced from within the UK, and we are absolutely committed to supporting our local and immediate economy.

Our philosophy of working closely with our skilled team translates through to our commitment to communicating on a one-to-one level with all of our customers, from first contact through to delivery, wherever you are in the world.



We source and hand-pick each and every piece of fabric that we use in our parasols from our network of textile collectors and dealers. 


Our suppliers are as passionate as we are about beautiful, top-quality fabrics and they recognise our taste and fabric choices, keeping us informed as to when new and exciting fabrics arrive in their hands. The fabrics we use date from the 1920’s to present day and we only choose pieces that are in first-class condition.

All of the fabrics we use are one-off collectable pieces which makes each parasol a work of art in its own right. Our stock of fabrics includes Liberty prints, William Morris, Barbara Brown, Sanderson, Marimekko, Designers Guild and many more.

When we are buying fabrics we look to select finest quality cloth and we work with cottons, linens, silks, satins, woven textiles and satanised cottons and have an extensive collection of colours, patterns, and prints.

Please note that our stock is always changing and evolving as we produce more parasols so please get in touch for details on our latest additions.

The fabrics we use are becoming increasingly rarefied, they represent a by-gone era of textile production which many agree, in terms of quality of textile and pigmentation, was the heyday of the fabric industry.They are a genuine pleasure to work with.

We are currently working with established textile designers and printmakers on developing our own range of textiles which will be available soon. For more information or if you are a textile designer and would be interested in working with us, please do get in touch.